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Winner 2015 New England Book Festival

Cover Shadowed KM_NEKilling Maine

It is more political and corporate corruption, sex, dirty deals and murder but it is Maine this time.

Surfer and Special Forces vet Pono Hawkins quits sunny Hawaii for Maine’s brutal winter to help former SF buddy Bucky Franklin beat a murder rap. The same Bucky who once sent Pono to military prison then married his girlfriend Lexie. But in Special Forces you never leave a buddy behind no matter what they’ve done. Especially if they once saved your life.

“The suspense. mystery, and intrigue will keep you on the edge of your seat .” – Goodreads



Saving ParadiseCover Shadowed SP

Political and corporate corruption, sex, dirty deals and murder in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Surfer and Special Forces vet Pono Hawkins hunts the killers of a beautiful young journalist, only to find them hunting him, and he blamed for her death.

            “A complex, entertaining . . . lusciously convoluted story.” – Kirkus

Cover Shadowed LSThe Last Savanna

A vast novel of the African savanna, its people, wars and wildlife.

SAS veteran Ian MacAdam leads a commando squad after the poachers of Kenya’s last elephants. The chase turns deadly when the poachers kidnap the woman he loves. Read More

“Dynamic, heart-breaking and timely to current events, Bond’s latest book is a must-read.”– Yahoo Reviews

House of JaguarCover Shadowed HJ_new

A novel of Latin America, guerrilla wars and drug flights.

A tense thriller of CIA operations in Latin America, guerrilla wars, drug flights, environmental catastrophes and genocides, based on the author’s personal experience as a human rights journalist there. Read More

“Tough and tense thriller.” – Manchester Evening News (UK)

Cover Shadowed HWHoly War

Manhunts, battles, love affairs and vengeance in the Lebanese and Syrian wars.

A British agent and French commando in separate manhunts for a Hezbollah leader as the Battle of Beirut blazes around them. A tale of terror, love and courage.

“A gripping tale of passion, hostage-taking and war.” – Evening News (UK)

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